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What You Need To Know About Going Solar.

SolarAmerica is a marketplace for the top solar construction companies in every state. We have vetted the top solar companies in every state and have done all the due diligence and shopping for you. We know the industry, the distributors, the manufacturers, and the installers. We will only place you with the one that is the best in your area. Allow, the industry experts to find the best solar company for you.


Ratings of Solar Installers

Consumer reviews alone don’t reliably measure the quality of a company. To provide ratings – and provide consumers a rigorous, data-based assessment – we have developed an expert rating score for solar installers based on several ranking factors.


Cost and Savings Calculator

We have developed the most accurate online solar panel cost and savings calculator that shows consumers exactly how many solar panels they need, as well as average local prices for a system of that size, estimated savings, and their payback period.


The Best Solar Companies

SolarAmerica is committed to ensuring that unscrupulous business operators don’t give the solar industry a bad name. If you decide to seek quotes through our site, we will only connect you with pre-screened solar installers that we trust.


Ratings of Manufacturers

When it comes to solar panel equipment, reviews are of limited value. To provide a comprehensive view, we have designed an expert rating system for solar manufacturers based on select key criteria.

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