Arizona goes solar with SunPower®

Solar energy heralds a new era of sustainability for the Grand Canyon State

The state of solar in Arizona

Arizona is the national sunshine champion,* with the average number of sunny days ranging from 264 to 313.* Mis

According to Google Project Sunroof, 95% of buildings in AZ are solar-viable, reaching 2.6 billion square feet of roof space and over 59 million MWh AC per year.* The abundance of sunshine and space gives Arizona a tremendous and exciting solar energy potential.

How much solar energy does Arizona produce?

Arizona occupies fifth place among the Top 10 Solar States list, with a solar capacity of 5,200 MW.* Home solar panels power over 800,000 households across Arizona, while the state's population barely approaches 7.3 million.* That's almost 11% of the total number of Arizona households, which is a solid start.

What are the advantages of going solar in Arizona?

An Arizona homeowner who opts for a home solar system installation may expect a full cost recoup within 7.1 to 8.7 years, on average, with projected 25-year savings surpassing $30,000.*Arizona households pay an average of $128.40 in electricity bills, compared to $111.67, the national average.* Of course, the heat of the Arizona summer brings a sharp spike in energy consumption across the state. People who live in single-family residences tend to have higher electricity bills and usually reap the most significant financial incentives by installing a home solar energy system.

Like the rest of the U.S., Arizona is facing a climate crisis. With over 50 dangerous heat days in Arizona each year, reducing carbon emissions is crucial for the state's future* Switching to solar, one home at a time, can help lower the carbon footprint of Arizona's households.

How much does solar cost in Arizona?

The cost of a home solar system can vary due to a range of factors, even in the same state. These include:

  • Roof type, angle, and age
  • Any necessary structural adjustments
  • Quality of the solar panels
  • License costs
  • Location within the state

Home solar looks even more attractive considering that Arizona homeowners who choose to install a PV system can enjoy up to a 30% federal solar tax credit.* Additionally, the state offers lucrative solar incentives that include 25% (up to $1000) state solar tax credit, property tax exemption on added value, and 5.6% sales tax exemption.

What's the best way to go solar in Arizona?

A solar system is a significant investment, one that can help you lower your energy bills, increase your property's value, and generate savings over many years. For optimum short- and long-term performance of a PV system, choosing a quality installation by a reputable solar provider is vital.

A home solar system should target your specific needs. Are you interested in generating surplus power for storage? You might want to opt for more panels. Do you want to preserve your property's aesthetic appeal or reduce upfront costs? A few strategically placed high-efficiency panels may be the answer.

Working with an experienced, dependable solar provider will help to ensure that your solar system suits your energy needs, design goals, and budget. Make sure your solar provider only works with top-quality solar panels and parts by trusted brands.

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