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Arizona is the national sunshine champion,* with the average number of sunny days ranging from 264 to 313. That high number is, remarkably, a full hundred days more than the national average!


A battery can help Californians control their electricity costs. And with one of the highest utility rates in the U.S., there’s no better time to go solar.


When it comes to sunshine, the Hospitality State isn’t lacking! Mississippi exceeds the national average of 205 sunny days by 11 days.


Most of Louisiana's electricity comes from natural gas and coal. However, if you are a Louisianan who prefers clean energy, solar power is the way to go.


With an average of 234 sunny days each year, Oklahoma exceeds the national average of 205 sunny days.


Want to beat the heat while taking control of your electric bill? SolarAmerica helps Lone Star State households gain energy independence while protecting against bill spikes.


With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Coloradans can make the most of its energy-rich sunshine. Support a clean energy future in a state that puts the environment first.


Connecticut has the highest utility rates in New England. That’s why it has its sights on affordable solar power. Help it reach its energy goals while locking in low rates.


The Sunshine State is packed with solar potential. And when you’re cranking up the AC, a home solar system seems like a bright idea.


With the highest energy costs in the U.S., locals are used to unpredictable utility bills. Harness Hawaii’s most brilliant natural resource and enjoy solar power 24/7 with.


Illinois is getting behind solar energy. All signs point to home solar being a great investment towards a brighter future.


Maryland is on the fast track to home solar. Get on board and see how you could gain energy independence in the Free State.


Massachusetts has one of the highest energy rates in the country. As a homeowner, you can control your electricity costs with home-grown solar power.


Nevada ranks in the top 5 for solar capacity. As one of the sunniest states, Nevada has solar potential that’s waiting to be turned into clean energy.

New Hampshire

It may have the most stunning landscapes in New England, but New Hampshire’s energy rates are some of the highest in the U.S. Do the White Mountains some good while controlling your costs.

New Jersey

New Jersey has faced major blackouts in recent years. Take advantage of this solar-friendly state’s incentives and credits to go solar today.

New Mexico

New Mexico is the second sunniest state in the U.S. Find out why home solar makes sense in the Land of Enchantment.

New York

New York is full of solar potential. As one of the top 10 solar markets in the country, it is committed to making the state a solar powerhouse.


Solar is booming in Pennsylvania. Learn why tax incentives and state rebates are driving the home solar boom in the Keystone State.

Puerto Rico

SolarAmerica is providing Puerto Ricans access to home solar and battery storage. Get the energy freedom to create and store your own power.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has the highest electricity rates in the country. But with SolarAmerica, you can control your home electricity costs for decades.

South Carolina

With legislation making it easier to tap federal and state tax rebates, home solar has never been better in the Palmetto State.


Vermont isn’t the largest state. But when it comes to solar, it’s leading the pack with a renewable energy goal of 90% by 2050. We can help Vermont reach this goal.

Washington, DC

DC residents are working towards making the nation’s capital a cleaner place to live by 2032. We’re helping DC reach this goal while controlling energy costs.

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