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five reasons home solar is a no brainer

Thinking about installing home solar panels and a home battery?

how do solar panels produce electricity?

Solar energy is one of the most affordable, renewable energy sources available today. So how do...

solar battery or generator? how to get through the next outage

how batteries and generators stack up. blackouts are becoming more common across the...

why solar and batteries may be essential during times of crisis

Now, more than ever is the time to protect your family with home solar batteries.

Solar Articles

environmental impact: a grid-powered car

Are electric vehicles better for the environment? It's true that a grid-powered car...

how can I tell if my solar panels are working?

Whether you already have rooftop solar panels or are considering going solar, you'll want to make sure your panels are working at their full capacity...

how efficient are solar panels?

Solar panel efficiency - from NASA to your roof. NASA uses solar power in space...

what happens if I move?

If you have a solar service agreement and decided to move, we're here to support you with every step of the way...


What exactly is time of use?

Learn about TOU Rates.

What happens at a solar installation?

You don't have to lift a finger because we take care of everything. Naturally, you'll have questions, and we'll be right there to answer them.

How many solar panels will my home need?

You're ready for a highly-efficient, money-saving solar system on your roof. Great! So, what size solar system should you have?

How much maintenance is required for solar panels?

How to maintain your home solar system properly at...

Solar Videos

Going solar in Arizona is easier than you think

Take advantage of all that southwestern sun. Powering your home is something everyone often...

Solar savings shine bright in Massachusetts

You may get some harsh winters in Massachusetts, where the temperature is likely to drop below...

Bring home solar savings in New Jersey

Shack up with solar and control your utility costs year-round. New Jersey is home to great...

Big solar savings are waiting in New York

In New York, traditional energy costs are rising. New York is a big city with lots of heart.

Solar Terms

Electricity consumers are offered financial incentives.
A guarantee from the solar panel manufacturer or installer to ensure production levels and equipment reliability.
A unit of electrical power equal to one billion watts or 1000 megawatts.
A unit of electrical power equal to one million watts.

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